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Social media strategy

Social networks have become increasingly important in the digital marketing strategy of any project. the image and the opinion that users form depends on them to a greater or lesser extent.

Therefore, it is not advisable to embark on the challenge of social media without a clear strategy and methodology or steps to follow. It is necessary to have a manual to be very clear about the tasks that the Community Manager must perform and what their purposes and objectives are. This means that it is necessary to study which are the business objectives and the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) that will serve to assess whether these objectives are being met.

Social media strategy

To do this, an initial audit and a series of analyzes must be carried out to first find out which are the most profitable social networks for the project and then develop a strategy to be followed for each one of them so that their results are optimized.

If the project is already active in social networks, it would also be interesting to study what the results of its activity have been so that the action plan can have a greater maturity thanks to this data.

On the other hand, in social networks an online reputation crisis can occur, that is, a crisis caused by an incorrect or controversial performance of the project that can turn, with the potential propagator of the internet, into a devastating fire. Therefore, it is essential to have a action plan to deal with the management of possible online reputation crises, to prevent them from escalating to a worrying level.

In addition, the activity of the competition in social networks must be taken into account: what is their strategy, how they achieve success or failure, and learn as much as possible from their experience.

  • Audit and strategic analysis in social media.
  • Development of a strategy and methodology in social media.
  • Study of competition in social media.
  • Preparation of a plan to follow for online reputation crisis management.
Creation and maintenance of social media

Creation and maintenance of social media

Creating, promoting and moderating an online community is not easy.

A multitude of skills are needed when it comes to being a good Community Manager, since you must know communicate well, do active listening, know solve incidents that may arise, encourage the participation of followers, motivate who want to meet the project objectives, measure whether the actions are being successful and to what extent and, ultimately, create added value both for the website and for the users themselves.

All this is obtained by following a certain strategy and methodology, and it is an arduous task, which does not understand schedules and also acts under pressure. A task that is also very time consuming.

It is, therefore, highly recommended to have outside help when it comes to making sure that the maintenance of social media is done in the most optimal and safe way possible.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • etc

Analytics and social media reports

It is as important to maintain and enhance our strategy in social networks as it is to measure it. To know if the objectives are being achieved and the campaign is working, it is necessary to analyze and interpret the statistical data that can be extracted from social networks.

It is, therefore, a job in which metrics and traffic flows have the leading role. To extract these data, sophisticated quantitative tools and a great deal of interpretation of these figures will be used.

Keep in mind that thanks to these reports, you can detect not only problems but also opportunities and trends, which you can use to incorporate into your Social Media strategy to optimize communication with your users.

Analytics and social media reports

To do this, it is best to have reports that measure and summarize the results of your social media, providing proposals that can optimize the strategy and improve communication and, therefore, part of the image of your company In Internet.

  • Reports of specific campaigns (determined duration) in one or more social media
  • Reports every so often from one or more social media.

With strategy and analytics, you will adapt the communication on your social media to your target audience. Ask us!