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When choosing the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as a mechanism to advertise, it is necessary to first do a study of keywords to decide which ones to use and to what extent.

The choice of keywords is a critical factor in the success of an SEM campaign, since it depends on the competition and what it offers, the number of searches they have, how many of these belong to the public objective of the website… A greater competition, a higher price per click.

SEM - Keyword Study

To choose the most suitable keywords, we can rely on the project itself, as well as on the extraction of content from the website to find out which are the most representative keywords. It is also necessary to brainstorm, search for synonyms… and use tools such as Adwords to find the keywords with the best average monthly searches.

After that, a screening phase is carried out in which duplicate keywords are eliminated, those that do not have enough searches or can lead to confusion and, finally, the competition is studied to analyze whether it is convenient to bet on them.

Creation and optimization of the SEM campaign

Creation and optimization of the SEM campaign

Once you are clear about the keywords you want to use with paid advertising in search engines, it’s time to create the SEM campaign. One of the best known and most powerful tools is Google Adwords, through which you can hire paid ads in Google searches.

When creating the SEM campaign it is necessary to be clear about how much money you want to invest, in order to configure the budget and offer of the campaign. Adwords often gives discounts to new customers so that the campaign is cheaper to start with until it is optimized to increase conversions.

In addition, it is necessary to create and configure the ads of the campaign: title, description in two lines, ad extensions (call, social networks)… And you can even activate the geographic location, that is, where the ad should be displayed and in what language of the search engine.

If you want your ads to appear on other web pages, you must bet on the Display Network, although this campaign must be managed separately from the one focused on the Search Network, since it will attack different audiences.

Maintenance and analytics of the SEM campaign

If you already have an active SEM campaign, it is advisable to maintenance and analyze its results so that actions can be taken to further increase the benefits of the campaign.

To do this, it is necessary to analyze why keywords the ads are shown, which ones are being more profitable, increase or decrease the amount paid for each click, make a study the competition to see how you can stand out ahead of them, etc.

Maintenance and analytics of the SEM campaign

In addition, it must be remembered that Google Adwords better positions ads whose destination is a well-programmed web page and with a short loading time. The quality of said web page will be a crucial factor even when it comes to converting the visits obtained by SEM into conversions.

  • Maintenance of SEM campaigns.
  • Analytics reports of SEM campaigns.
  • Proposal for improvements of SEM campaigns.
  • Competitor analysis.

An SEM campaign is a great way to launch your project in style. Ask us!